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National Total Program of Work

Theme: "Celebrating our Legacy: Transforming Lives and Making a difference......One Teen, One Lady and One Community at a Time (TLC)"

National Focus: To invest in our communities, as well as ourselves, through: (1) Volunteer service; (2) Advocacy and accountability; (3) Leadership development and succession planning; (4) Unity and collaboration; (5) Engagement and empowerment; and (6) Social responsibility and sisterly concern.

Vision: (1) Implement the "Total" Program Model so that all committees in the chapters are working together for the same common goal; (2) Synchronize processes and procedures in the Areas so that we are "one" TLOD; (3) Seek out, develop, and train leaders so that there is a steady stream of qualified and prepared officers to keep TLOD on task; and (4) Collaborate with other entities to expand our reach and promote our brand.

Programs will be planned and implemented through the following entities:

National Programs
Top Teens of America 
Status of Women
Senior Citizens
Community Beautification
Community Partnerships

Overview of Program Objectives


Top Teens of America

Provides opportunities for the wholesome development of youth through activities that will enhance educational, social, moral, spiritual, cultural, and economic development.


Status of Women

Enhances the status of women by helping to identify ways of utilizing the time, talents, skills, and total resources of women.


Senior Citizens

Supplies information and assistance in the promotion of wholesome and meaningful lives for senior citizens and leadership to assist local senior citizens with empowerment techniques leading to increased advocacy of issues that impact their lives.


Community Partnerships

Creates a structure for the formation of community partnerships that simultaneously meet the goals of Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated by ensuring excellence, flexibility, and accountability by engaging in mutually collaborative arrangements with corporate sponsors, governmental entities, and other community organizations in addressing issues of concerns for youth and adults.


Community Beautification

Creates and implements projects which enhance the quality of life and help preserve the physical beauty of our environment by providing a series of activities designed to emphasize the importance of a clean, green environment.


Signature Chapter Program: Youth Aging out of Foster Care

Supporting youth aging out of Foster Care. Many youths will simply “age out” of the system when they turn 18, without a family or life-living skills to make it on their own. More than 23,000 children will age out of the US foster care system yearly. After reaching the age of 18, 20% of the children who were in foster care will become instantly homeless. Only one out of every two foster kids who age out of the system will have some form of gainful employment by the age of 24.  The chapter will support this program by implementing the following activities.


Collaborate with other entities:


  • Life Skills and Job Placement

  • Housing resources

  • Health and Mental Health

  • Education and Employment

  • Seek corporate sponsors

  • Solicit Services-in-Kind




National Projects

National Council of Negro Women (NCNW)

United Negro College Fund (UNCF)

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)


Sickle Cell Disease 

TLOD, Inc. - National Programs and Project Thrusts

Central Virginia Chapter
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